Roblox is an online adventure and friendship game designed and adapted for kids and adults with ages 8 and up. In the game, users can create virtual worlds by changing the color and size of blocks in various shapes that other users can play as well.

Roblox is the best place to dream, which you can spend time creating your own world, your characters with your friends. It is a big gaming platform with millions of online users. You can play it on your phone, on your computer, on your tablet or in game consoles like XBOX.

Roblox is a 3D game with highly constructed elements and has a min system requirement of 512KB, which can be enjoyed by everyone. I don’t think any computer is left below that. However, you need a good and solid video card.

the most important thing on roblox is robux, so you should know how to earn it.

What is Robux?

The currency is Robux in Roblox. Tix has discontinued since April 2016. Therefore you need to convert your Tix to Robux, Roblox gives you daily robux which is not much in Roblox to do a lot. Therefore you have to earn it just like earning money in real life.

You can pay it with money if you have. You can buy items in order to play the game. But, not everybody is there to pay. Some of them earn Robux by winning the games, inviting friends, writing codes and selling it to others.

You can buy cheaper things from the catalog, or you can buy more good stuff but you will have to pay more Robux. The key is to be active in the game.

There are paid and free players in Roblox. They do not much differ in the same game with the same motion. Only paid players have more beautiful items and effects, but that doesn’t mean free players cannot play.

Only difference is free players cannot you get colorful dresses and items. After all, Not everybody wants to pay for the colors, buying dresses anyway, most of them comes in for a short time, have a good time, enjoy the game and go to other sites.

How to Play Roblox?

You can prepare your own virtual character or play the characters made by other players, you win some robux in the entry every day and you can buy things during the play. You can get lots of money and be a millionaire.

The shapes in this game mostly looks like legos, which is good if you have lego obsession like me. Anyway, in the game, you can create your own map or model.

You can write scripts, make space, make weapons and make tools while all the users who play in this case will be creating a lot of models. The best of the models is played and comes up to the front page.

Models and Maps could be anything; a track, a zombie, a weapon, a home, or your other favorite games such as DayZ, Pokemon, Minigames, or Deathrun, Speedrun, or play vampires, play GTA, making friends, get out of jail, run away from school, play in groups, buy a car, buy a house and more.

You want to play Star Wars? Of course you will, but every day you get some Robux and you can get something from the catalog with that. You need to earn more Robux to do more.

One of the best features of Roblox is getting socialize by making friends. Making real good friends may not be as easy as it seems though. Not everybody accepts friend requests, your timing must be really good. Your request must come in their good mood.

Apart from that, they will add you if you are a real friend and a code writer, graphical user interface writer, or even a model domain customer. If you are missing any of these capabilities, good luck, you are stuck with new users to be a friend.

Don’t worry, just think of other ways to make friends in vast range of Roblox games, groups and community

Getting into a group is one of the best ways to make new friends. You know you normally make new friends at your regular jobs if you have the job or interest. It is kind of easy to get along with someone if you are doing the same thing.

In conclusion, you will enjoy the game by not only playing your own creation, but also making new friends, and maybe even making your dream earnings.

How to Make the Most Out of Roblox

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