A Comprehensive Guide on How to Trade on Roblox

Robux comes with great features to keep their users captivated. One such feature is the trading of items. However, not all people are conversant with this feature which can deny them a good chance of procuring items such as face, gear or hats. If you are in the dark and do not know how to trade on Roblox, below is a comprehensive guide to help you.

What are the requirements?

Before you can start trading items on Robux, you’ll require two things:


To start with, you’ll require no less than one Limited, or Limited-U Roblox item, the thing can be a gear, hat, or face. Any of the above named items can do.

Club Subscription

Second, you’ll need an up to date Builders Club membership. If you already have both Builders club participation and no less than one Limited or Limited-U thing, you can exchange. Else, you will be not able exchange things.

this is the interface to trade on roblox market place with your robux

How to go about it?

Finding a Client

The initial step is to go to the profile of the player you wish to trade with. Once you’ve done that, go to the upper right part of the page where you will find a button that resembles three dabs.

When you tap it, a menu will open. If the player’s security settings don’t counteract trading, you will see a button labeled “trade items”. Click the button. After you do that, another window will pop up. This is the trade window.

Using the Trade Window

This window will show both your stock, and the other client’s stock. So as to trade with them, you’ll have to locate some limited items you need to trade to them, and after that locate some limited items that you may want to trade.

Hover the mouse over the items to see more data about the item and a button will show up. In order to add the item to the trade, click the button. Only a maximum of for items per user is allowed.

You can likewise add Robux to your trade to try out the value of the item, or include additional impetus for the other party to acknowledge the item. So as to accomplish this, look to one side of the trade window. This is the place the items associated with the trade are shown.

There is also a text box beneath each item set. This is the Robux box, you can type in the measure of Robux you are willing to give or get and the items of the trade.

Once you’ve worked out which things and the amount Robux you’d like give and receive in the trade, just tap the huge green “Send Request” Button to send your request for trade to your friend.

Getting it Done

After doing the above, all you have to do now is be tolerant. Your trade will be substantial for up to 4 days and anytime amid this time the other Roblox clients can decrease, acknowledge or much counter the trade.

Once you’ve sent your trade request, it’s the other client’s decision on whether to acknowledge your trade. If they don’t like the things you offered, or trust that what you offered isn’t of adequate value, they can dismiss the trade. The other client can likewise give you a counter-offer on the trade.

A counter-offer implies that the other client isn’t happy with the first request, however is willing for another trade. They may offer you an alternate thing or measure of Robux, or they could ask for that you give them different things or more Robux.

Safety measures to Observe

Obviously, there are additionally different dealers out there endeavoring to make some snappy Robux, they may attempt to trick you by offering a useless item to you in return for one of your more costly things.

Make a point to dependably check the estimation of the things before accepting an offer, and if you don’t like the trade, you can simply dismiss it, or give the other client a counter-offer.


Trading on Roblox can be an extraordinary approach to procure cool hats, faces, and gear, yet it can likewise be an awesome approach to make Robux. If you’re a decent trader, you can make a lot of Robux easily by trading items or you may want to learn how to get free robux. All you need is patience and a good strategy.