Who has not heard of online Roblox Gameplay? It has been a booming game currently among children and teenagers. It’s a very exciting game to play.

Roblox is a great place to play games, build things, build things and hang out with buddies. However, if you are a newbie, everything might seem a little overwhelming.

After signing into Roblox, you’ll access various links that are essential to explore and manage your account. These features are displayed by two bars on top of the page and on the left side of the page. The two navigation bars have the following functions:


This is where you can access all the exciting games that you and other Roblox developers have created. You can filter the type of games you prefer to see using the pull-down menus. Log into the game you want and continue playing.


This is the page that houses all the items you can spend your earnings, the roblox robux on. You can purchase shirts, gear, hats and much more. Clicking on an item in catalog gives you an opportunity to see its description and options to buy.


On this page, you can chat and connect with your friends, and have fun. You have the option to join various forums available, where you can post a new topic on join in a conversation.


Catch up with what is happening with Roblox Developers. Read about past and upcoming events and new developments in the game on the Blog page.

Upgrade Now

Here, you can upgrade your membership to premium and enjoy the many benefits of the Builder’s Club. You’ll get information about different game levels; Classic, Turbo and Outrageous.

Roblox WIKI

Get tutorials and have your disturbing questions answered on the WIKI page.

how to make the most out of roblox with your robux

How To Earn and Use Robux Easily?

It’s actually not easy to get the Robux. You need to creatively think how to get the currencies, because they are not free. If you know the tricks, your character will be perfect in the game.

Using these tips and tricks will help you to get free robux to your account. If you are looking to trade your items to earn a profit, you need to do two things.

  • Have at least 1 limited or Limited U Roblox item, this could be a face, gear or hat. The item you have does not make any difference.
  • You need to subscribe to current Builders Club.

Having fulfilled these two conditions will allow you to trade:

  1. First, open the profile of the player you wish to trade with.
  2. On the top-right of the page click on the 3 dots and a menu will pop out.
  3. Click on Trade Items and navigate the trade window.
  4. Go through the inventory and trade-in whatever you want.
  5. Adding Robux to your trade will entice the other party and add value to the items you wish to trade in.

You can spend your Robux in two ways:

  • To promote and market your own game
  • you can buy badges, which you can fete players that perform exceptionally well in your created game.
  • Robux can help to make your page look stunning with awesome video thumbnails and custom images.
  • The other way to spend your Robux is by exchanging them for tickets – to be used for buying and promoting your game.

Tips and Tricks To Play Roblox

This is a very addictive game. Every player comes into the game to create adventure, play game, role play or just to trade. This game can only be played on the website. This is where you can build your imagination and creativity with friends.

  • Use your skateboard as a hover board. You only need to search for a game with skateboards on it and dress your Military Experimental Jet-pack and begin to fly with your skateboard. Make sure to use your sword.
  • Zoom in all the way if you want a free entry into the VIP rooms. If you notice a crack on it, walk on it.
  • To fuse weapons, find a zone with swords and get your two weapons ready for action. You can find more tricks on how to handle different levels of the game.
  • Always create a backup because sometimes Roblox Studio crashes.

Why You Should Play Roblox?

If you're into the ultra-popular Roblox video gaming platform and you want to access free in-game currency (which is called Robux!), you'll love our detailed guide....